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"Behind Israel stands the massive global Jewish money that can tip the scales either way" says PA, accusing Israel of mediating between Ukraine and Russia for personal financial gain

Excerpt of a column by Bassem Barhoum, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Is the occupation state qualified to serve as a mediator in the Ukraine war?”




“Logically speaking – or if the criteria are international law and the UN convention – it cannot be that Israel would become or be accepted as a mediator in any conflict, and more precisely: How can Israeli Prime Minister settler [Naftali] Bennett be accepted as a mediator?


Israel is not just an occupation state; it is also full of war criminals, and as was stated in the latest report of the Amnesty International organization, it is an apartheid state that barbarically implemented a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people in 1948…


It is too early to determine whether Israel will succeed or fail in the role of mediator to stop the war in Ukraine, or will at least be one of the mediators. But without commenting on the question of whether Israel is qualified or unqualified to serve as a mediator, it is attempting to situate itself as a central state in international politics and a player on the field of the big boys. The problem in this hypocritical world is that no one dared to ask Israel first of all to end its occupation.


In this money-hungry world they will continue to be silent over Israel’s actions and will continue to ask it to fulfill a role, because its word has influence in the world of dirty money and clean money, mafia money and official money.


Behind it stands the massive global Jewish money that can tip the scales either way, as happened in World War I and II. One of the results of the matter was the Balfour Declaration (see note below -Ed.), in which Britain promised in 1917 during World War I to Lord Rothschild that a national home for the Jews would be established in Palestine.


The question being asked here is what is the price that Israel wants to receive in return for intervening as a mediator in the Ukrainian crisis? Is it ensuring the peace and safety of the Jews of Russia and Ukraine? Or ensuring the safe exit of these Jews to Israel? Or is the price on the topic of the Iranian nuclear [program], or ensuring that they will continue to give it a free hand in Syria? Or is the matter bigger than all of this, and it concerns ensuring the interests of Jewish money in the shadow of the Western sanction policy against Russia? Or perhaps it is all of these matters together?


What interests us in Palestine is raising us all up against this global hypocrisy. We are determined to continue our just and legitimate struggle in the framework of international law, which the world powers treat as being valid only where they have interests.”





The Balfour Declaration

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