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65 Palestinian terrorist prisoners have served more than 20 consecutive years in prison, reports Official PA Daily

Headline: “The list of ‘elderly prisoners’ lengthens to 65”




“The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners and Released Prisoners’ Affairs said that the list of ‘elderly prisoners’ – a nickname given to all those who have been in the Israeli occupation’s prison for more than 20 consecutive years – lengthened today [May 2, 2021] to 65 prisoners, after prisoner Wael Na’im Al-Jaghoub (i.e., PFLP terrorist), 45, from Nablus, who was arrested on May 1, 2001, joined it…


The commission explained that among the elderly prisoners are approximately 33 prisoners who were arrested more than 25 years ago, including 25 who were arrested before the [1993] Oslo [Accords], and 13 who were arrested more than 30 years ago. The most veteran among them are prisoners Karim and Maher Younes (i.e., terrorist cousins, murdered 1 person together), who have been imprisoned since 1983.”





Wael Al-Jaghoub – Palestinian terrorist and member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror organization who, according to reports in the Arab media, was convicted of establishing PFLP terror cells and carrying out terror attacks. Al-Jaghoub was arrested on May 1, 2001, and is serving a life sentence. PMW was unable to determine the details of his crimes.

Karim Younes - Israeli Arab terrorist who kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980 together with his cousin Maher Younes. Younes was originally sentenced to life in prison, but Israeli President Shimon Peres reduced his sentence in 2012. Younes is serving a 40-year sentence. In May 2017 Younes was appointed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the Fatah Central Committee. Younes was released from prison on Jan. 5, 2023.

Maher Younes