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Former Fatah leader slams Fatah for "making excuses" and postponing the PA elections

Video posted on the Facebook page of former Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan




Former Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan: “I completely believe that the opportunity for [PA] elections is an opportunity to restore the Palestinian national vitality, to rebuild the Palestinian political system, and to once again place the Palestinian cause in the place [where it was] and that we have lost during the years that have passed.


The excuse that Israel does not want us to hold the elections – this is fleeing from the battle, and this is a battle that comes to us from Almighty Allah. We must take advantage of it to the maximum, go to the end in this political battle, and hold the elections on their appointed time without thinking about who will take more mandates than the other. This is [getting caught up in the] details.


Let Israel be the one that presses instead of us being the ones who avoid. Let Israel say ‘We do not want elections’ and block the PA by force, for example. Whoever is thinking of retreating from these elections will record in his history a political crime larger than the rest of the crimes that have been committed in recent years. Even if the entire international community is against holding the elections, we must hold them as long as we have an interest in them. We are convinced that elections are the hope for the future – in rebuilding the political system, as I said. The American administration, the European Union, and Israel have nothing at all to do with our internal interests, and therefore whoever wants to avoid this responsibility lays this blame on others.”