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PA Prime Minister claims Israel commits "summary executions that target our young people" after Israeli Police kill terrorists in self-defense

Official PA TV News



Official PA TV newsreader: “[PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said that Israel is continuing to escalate its measures and attacks in Palestine through summary executions that target our young people, and the prime minister added at the start of the [PA] governmental meeting that we hope that the international community will implement international law against Israel and the UN resolutions regarding Palestine.”


PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh: “Yesterday [March 6, 2022] Martyr Karim Al-Qawasmi (i.e., terrorist, wounded 1), 19, was shot by the occupation and died in Jerusalem, and Martyr Yamen Jaffal (i.e., terrorist, threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers) from Abu Dis [also] died. We condemn the crime that put an end to the lives of these two young people.”






Karim Al-Qawasmi – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded an Israeli police officer in the Old City of Jerusalem on March 6, 2022, at which point other officers shot and killed Al-Qawasmi in self-defense. A second officer was accidentally wounded by the gunfire.


Yamen Jaffal – 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist who threw Molotov cocktails at an Israeli military post near Abu Dis on March 6, 2022; Israeli soldiers at the post shot and killed him in self-defense.