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PA Daily says US Ambassador to Israel's "brave statements" condemning Jewish settlements is a "great Palestinian success"

Excerpt of a column by Yahya Rabah, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “From an American ambassador who is proud of being a settler to an American ambassador who is enraged by the settlement enterprise!”




“This settlement enterprise is based on a legend and nothing more, a legend that says that these Zionist settlers are not occupiers in any way, but rather are returning to their ancient land…


Current US Ambassador to Israel [Thomas Nides] recently made brave statements, the likes of which we have not heard from the US for a long time (refers to him saying “settlement growth… infuriates me” and downplaying PA terror salaries in a March 15, 2022 online event -Ed.). He condemned the settlement enterprise in the clearest way possible, and he warned that if it continues it will lead to a negation of the two-state solution.


When we compare this statement to the way previous US Ambassador to Israel [David Friedman] in the period of Republican [US] President Donald Trump’s administration spoke, the difference is like a revolution; previous Ambassador David Friedman defined himself as a settler while burning with anger. The media outlets published his picture widely, in which he was holding a large hammer in his hand and participating in breaking a wall in occupied East Jerusalem, in an attempt to open a tunnel and find proof of [the Jews’] lies, according to which they were here in the past (refers to inauguration ceremony of Pilgrimage Road archaeological site; see note below -Ed.). However, all their archaeological excavations in the city and around it have proven beyond all doubt that they are just liars and nothing more (sic., an abundance of archaeological evidence proves Jewish history in Israel and Jerusalem in particular)…


The recent statements by the US ambassador to Israel are not an insignificant matter; they are a cry. They are a great Palestinian success, and they constitute a long-awaited American return to standing alongside the Palestinian right. This is a sacred right for which we shed no tears, but rather for whose sake we shed blood. Welcome, revolution of blood!





Pilgrimage Road

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