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The fascist populist right-wing Israel constitutes a "Nazi" state, says PA ambassador, while claiming that the Jews "conspired with the Nazis” to create Israel

Excerpt of an op-ed by PA Ambassador to Greece Marwan Emile Tubasi


Headline: “The victory over Nazism – the peoples determine their fate”




“Today, May 9, [2021,] is the 76th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, which the peoples of Europe – including our friend the Greek people and its national resistance – paid a heavy cost with the lives of their sons and their resources in order to bury the Nazi monster that raised its head 80 years ago…


Today, while it is rising up (the verb “rising up” is from the same root as “intifada” -Ed.), Jerusalem the capital of our state… is requiring [us] to develop the forms of resistance against the crimes of the occupation forces, the settler herds, and their terror organizations, which are working with the support of the fascist Israeli government, and to connect this to this day, the anniversary of the victory over Nazism…


What the forces of the populist right-wing and its allies – and foremost among them the Israeli occupation state – are doing today rests on… ideological principles that express a new Nazi and fascist spirit based on racism and national and religious extremism. This is in accordance with false worldviews supported by Zionist capitalist forces that strive for what Nazi Germany and its allies – Mussolini, Franco, and others – strove for 76 years ago, namely the persecution of peoples whose source is not in their alleged race. [These are] attempts to persecute new peoples, to commit ethnic cleansing, and to continue to impose on our Palestinian people an incessant Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel), which the anniversary of its start as a crime against humanity 73 years ago will take place in mere days (i.e., Nakba Day; see note below). Its goal was to execute a racist colonialist project on a land which we, the Palestinians, are its owners; a land that is not theirs, that not one of these settlers brought from the states they left at the time as part of their conspiracy with the Nazis.”





Nakba Day - Palestinians commemorate Nakba Day on May 15, the day after the establishment of Israel. On May 15, 1948, combined forces from Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq joined local Arab forces in an attempt to eradicate the newly established State of Israel. The Nakba (Arabic = catastrophe) refers to the establishment of Israel, and the subsequent defeat in the war, including the killing and displacement of Arab civilians that occurred during the war.