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Mother of prisoner on PA TV: All Palestinian prisoners are “courageous heroes”

PA TV prisoners' program Link in the Chain visits the home of prisoner Rami Barbakh. PA TV chose to broadcast mother’s praise of “all the male and female prisoners who are very, very courageous heroes”
Mother of prisoner:
"You, of course, are a courageous hero. Allah be praised – I am very, very proud of you and am very, very pleased with you, because you are a courageous hero, and as Yasser Arafat said: "Oh mountain, the wind will not shake you'. In fact, you are the courageous prisoners in the Israeli prisons. All the prisoners, not only my son, Rami. No! I am speaking about all the male and female prisoners who are very, very courageous heroes, and we are proud of them.”
The mother goes on to talk about Rami's brothers: “You have a brother Sami, may Allah have mercy on him; we told him that Shahada (Death for Allah) is sweet, and Allah willing we will achieve Shahada… Your brother Sabber, may Allah have mercy on him, is also a Shahid; we said to him, Allah willing, that we would all achieve Shahada."

Note: Thousands of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons were convicted on charges of murder and terror offenses.
Rami Barbakh – serving one life sentence for stabbing and choking Israeli citizen Yossi Zandini to death (March 30, 1994).
PMW has not been able to establish under what circumstances the other sons became “Martyrs.”