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The DFLP "praised the stabbing operation" in which 4 innocent Israelis were murdered

Headline: “The Democratic Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] praises the operation in Be’er Sheva and emphasizes that the resistance continues”





“The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) praised the stabbing operation that was carried out in Be’er Sheva in the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel), in which a number of Israelis were killed and wounded (refers to terrorist Muhammad Abu Al-Qi’an murdering 4; see note below -Ed.).


The DFLP saluted [Al-Qi’an] who carried out the heroic operation, and emphasized that it came as a natural response to the incessant crimes of the occupation and its settlers against our people wherever they are…


In a statement today [March 23, 2022], the DFLP added: ‘The resistance in all its forms and in all arenas is our people’s choice in order to be saved from the occupation, to remove it from our land, and to gain our legitimate national rights.’

The DFLP concluded its statement with a call to hurry and establish the united national leadership of the popular resistance throughout Jerusalem and the Palestinian West Bank, and also to formulate a strategy of struggle that will unite our people’s struggle in the 1967 territories (the West Bank and the Gaza Strip) [parentheses in source], the 1948 territories, and the diaspora.”





Muhammad Abu Al-Qi’an – Israeli Bedouin terrorist and ISIS supporter who murdered 4 Israeli civilians – Doris Yachbas, Laura Yitzhak, Rabbi Moshe Kravitsky, and Menachem Yehezkel – and wounded 2 others in a car ramming and stabbing attack at an outdoor shopping mall in Be’er Sheva on March 22, 2022, before an Israeli civilian shot and killed him to stop his rampage. Al-Qi’an was a high school teacher and mosque preacher in Hura in the Negev who previously served 4 years in prison for attempting to join ISIS in Syria and inciting to terror in his sermons; he was released in 2019.

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