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PA Ministry of Education threatens Jerusalem schools that teach the Israeli curriculum instead of the PA curriculum

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Education again expresses its opposition to the attempts to bring a non-Palestinian curriculum into the schools in occupied Jerusalem”




“The [PA] Ministry of Education again expressed its opposition to any attempt to cooperate with any plans to adopt any non-Palestinian curriculum in the schools in occupied Jerusalem.


The ministry emphasized in a statement yesterday [March 8, 2021] that it will not hesitate to decisively deal with any school that is likely to cooperate with attempts to bring a non-Palestinian curriculum or system [of study] into the private and non-governmental schools in Jerusalem


It emphasized that it will make every effort, in partnership with the parents and with the overwhelming majority of the non-governmental and private school managements, in order to cut off every attempt to bypass our national curriculum. It also emphasized its pride in the positions of the parents and most of the schools in Jerusalem, which support the right of the Jerusalem children to learn their national curriculum, and [its pride] in the commitment to the Palestinian education system with all its elements.”

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