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Editor of PA daily: Israel conspired with Britain and bought UN votes to establish Israel

Editor of official PA daily Hafez Barghouti responds to Quartet announcement regarding renewal of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.
"Misleading announcement"
"The latest announcement by the Quartet was intended to appease only Israel and to drag us into fruitless negotiations which will not lead to anything. After a year they will say that the dates are not sanctified, that the sources of authority are not vital, and that negotiations are the only way to establish a state. Netanyahu blabbers these words without asking himself how Israel became a state. Did it not submit a request to the Security Council, along with the terror committed by the Zionist gangs on the ground, conspiring with Britain and with its participation, and suitcases of dollars which were distributed to some representatives of the member states, in order to buy their votes? We held a referendum about the Palestinian position which was presented by President Abbas, and we will not fall prey to new ruses and ambushes by the cowboy [the US] and colonialist countries like it. Our rights will not be harmed if the colonialists who established Israel stand against us… We are not a regime that seeks protection, but rather a nation which guards the land and the holy places by Divine appointment, for it is we who have survived, eternal and great. We say to the Israeli people: either there is a sparring partner in the peace arena, or you are an army with a state, which prefers only the arena of war."