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PLO department for Jerusalem Affairs: Israel carries out ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem residents

Headline: "Department for Jerusalem Affairs warns of systematic ethnic cleansing against Jerusalem residents and their elected officials"
"The PLO department for Jerusalem Affairs warned yesterday of the systematic ethnic cleansing which the Israeli occupation authorities are carrying out against the residents of Jerusalem and their elected officials.
The department stated, in a press release: 'While the international community is calling to support our legitimate right to establish our independent state with Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of June 4, 1967, and following the historical and comprehensive address delivered by President Mahmoud Abbas to the UN in order to attain full members of the State of Palestine in the UN, the Israeli occupation authorities continue with their attacks on the residents of Jerusalem and their elected representatives, using the herds of settlers and zealots of the extremist Israeli right-wing, and incitement on the part of members of Knesset, in order to intimidate the Palestinian people… The list of organized crimes by the settlers and the repeated attacks carried out by herds of settlers against the mosques, and especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, are part of a systematic and planned Israeli policy to Judaize the holy city…' [The department for Jerusalem affairs] emphasized that the kidnapping of MP Ahmad Atoun from opposite the protest tent at the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem, the deliberate running over of the boy Hassam Hamoudeh by herds of settlers in the Mount Scopus area, the continued activities of land theft and expansion of settlements… are simply a systematic policy to Judaize the land and to destroy the Palestinian presence in it."

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