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Fatah praises Palestinian women for their "struggle, resistance against the Israeli occupation, and raising generations armed with Palestinian nationalism"

Headline: “Fatah: The Palestinian mothers are an example of resistance and giving”




“The Fatah Movement sent a blessing of appreciation and honor to the lauded Palestinian mothers, who for more than 100 years of the Palestinian national struggle have served as an example of the deepest resistance.


In a statement from the [Fatah] Commission of Information and Culture for Mother’s Day, Fatah said that the Palestinian mothers are a symbol of resolve and remaining on the land of Palestine, and that they are… the female Martyrs, prisoners, and wounded, and simultaneously they are also the mothers of the Martyrs, prisoners, and wounded…


Fatah promised the Palestinian mothers that it will continue to stand alongside them until they receive their full legal rights to equality and are partners in the decision-making [process]. It noted that the Palestinian mothers have achieved their status in society through the struggle, through leading the resistance against the Israeli occupation, and through their role in taking care of and raising the generations that are armed with knowledge and Palestinian nationalism.