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“We will fall as Martyrs” to reclaim “stolen Palestine,” promises PA

Excerpt of a column by Issa Abd Al-Hafiz, regular columnist for the official PA daily


Headline: “Martyr fighter Mahmoud Musa Shihab”





“[Mahmoud Musa Shihab] (according to the article he died in a battle in 1968; PMW was unable to find records of such a battle -Ed.) died as a Martyr, but following in his footsteps were 100 fighters, 1,000 fighters, 1,000 rifle bearers, as every Martyr who dies gives rise to 1,000 fighters, 1,000 heroes, 1,000 daring people.

We salute you, our Martyr. We are continuing on the path and remain committed to the promise: either we will fall as Martyrs, or the dawn will emerge.

We are continuing on the long path… that will necessarily end with the realization of our aspirations to return to Palestine that was stolen and to establish our independent state whose eternal capital is Jerusalem.”