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Israel "is always targeting" Palestinian prisons "so that they will leave the prisons with diseases" lies terrorist hosted on PA TV

Official PA TV program Talk of the Hour, hosting released terrorist prisoner and Fatah Prisoners’ Affairs Commission official Nihad Jundiyeh, who murdered 1 person together with an accomplice




Released terrorist and Fatah Prisoners’ Affairs Commission official Nihad Jundiyeh: “Of course great prisoner leader Nasser Abu Hmeid (i.e., terrorist, responsible for the murder of 7 people) was one of the people who was with me in prison, one of the most wonderful people in the Fatah Movement and among the prisoners in general. Allah laid upon him a serious disease, and certainly the occupation has a part in this and they are neglecting his treatment (sic., Abu Hmeid’s treatment has included chemotherapy and surgeries; see note below regarding PA libel on medical abuse of Palestinian prisoners). The occupation is always targeting our leadership inside the prisons so that they will leave the prisons with diseases. But in Nasser’s case, we hope there will be pressures for Nasser to leave or be released so he will be treated abroad.”






Nihad Jundiyeh and Muhammad Hamdiyeh – Palestinian terrorists and members of Fatah who, while employed as construction workers, murdered 64-year-old Israeli subcontractor Zalman Shlein by stabbing him and beating him with metal bars at a house they were building with him in Gan Yavne on July 14, 1989. Jundiyeh admitted to planning two more attacks – a stabbing in Gan Yavne and forcing a bus off a cliff. Jundiyeh and Hamdiyeh were each sentenced to 25.5 years but were released in August 2013, two of 104 terrorists whom Israel agreed to release to fulfill the PA's precondition for renewing negotiations. After being released Jundiyeh became a Fatah Prisoners’ Affairs Commission official.


Nasser Abu Hmeid - Palestinian terrorist and a commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) in Ramallah who was responsible for the murder of 7 Israelis: Eli Cohen in a shooting attack on Route 443 in central Israel on Dec. 21, 2000; Binyamin and Talia Kahane in a drive-by shooting attack near Ofra, north of Jerusalem, on Dec. 31, 2000; Gadi Rejwan in a shooting attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot on Feb. 27, 2002; and Yosef Habi, Eli Dahan, and Police Officer Sergeant-Major Salim Barakat in an attack at the Seafood Market and Mifgash Hasteak restaurants in Tel Aviv on March 5, 2002. Abu Hmeid is serving 7 life sentences and an additional 50 years.


Libel on medical abuse of Palestinian prisoners - the PA claims that Israel abuses Palestinian prisoners, through medical neglect, medical experiments, and by intentionally infecting them with diseases. However, the International Red Cross regularly visits these prisoners and has not documented or accused Israel of any of these claims. Likewise, lists of demands occasionally issued by the prisoners during hunger strikes - such as during one in 2011 - include no demands relating to these claims. PMW has documented prisoners talking about how they "lack nothing" in the prisons, and that "the worst thing about Israeli prison" is riding in a prison vehicle that has no padding on the seat. When PMW contacted the Israeli Ministry of Health in 2007 regarding PA claims of medical experiments on prisoners, the ministry responded: "Clinical testing on prisoners in prison was never approved, never performed, and is most certainly not taking place at present."