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Fatah youth convict and hang Netanyahu in effigy for “crimes against humanity”

PA TV main evening news report on the "Kafar Qaddum march" organized by Fatah, which included a symbolic public trial for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
PA TV reporter:
"With these brief and concise words the children of Kafar Qaddum commenced the trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – the symbolic trial which convicted him of carrying out war crimes against humanity in the Palestinian territories, confiscation and theft of land and building settlements on it – as a symbolic image of the end of the occupation…
This trial took place during the weekly procession which is organized by the Fatah movement in Kafar Qaddum, with the demand to re-open the main road, which has been closed for 9 years…
Thus the people and children of Kafar Qaddum managed to judge Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, after convicting him of carrying out war crimes against humanity, and to sentence him to death by hanging, meaning that the occupation is going to end, sooner or later."
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