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PA daily calls Israel “the territories occupied in 1948”

"The German-French Cultural Center in Ramallah hosted writer and activist Omar Barghouti among other events held at the literary café, marking the publication of his book, "Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions" in French… Barghouti added that the boycott campaign, which involves Palestinians wherever they may be, including in the territories occupied in 1948 (i.e., in Israel), is based on an end to the three-fold persecution of the Palestinian people –occupation, racial discrimination, and prevention of the return of refugees… Concerning the boycott campaign, Barghouti said that he focuses not only on the boycott of Israeli goods; [rather,] it is a comprehensive campaign to boycott all Israeli goods… [as well as] boycott of international institutions and international companies which collaborate with the occupation. Barghouti added that the success of the campaign does not mean that 'Tapuzina' (Israeli soft drink) will disappear from the market, because what is far more important than this is the boycotting of Israeli academic and cultural institutions, owing to their role as partners in the occupation and apartheid regime."