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PA: "The blood of Jerusalem's Palestinian sons is perfuming" the Temple Mount "in defence of its Palestinian and Arab identity"

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily


Headline: “With Jerusalem we will triumph”





What has happened and is still happening in Jerusalem (refers to violent Arab riots -Ed.), at a time when the blood of its sons is perfuming its [Al-Aqsa Mosque] prayer plazas in defense of its sacred status and its Palestinian, Arab, and human identityproves in a manner that is no longer subject to any argument or interpretation the correctness of the national decision… to postpone the elections for the [PA] Parliament (Legislative Council) as long as Jerusalem and its residents are not at the heart of these elections


Imagine what the residents of Jerusalem would have said to a leadership that relinquished their right to vote from within their city??? What [PA] Parliament would they have respected after it relinquished the Palestinian sovereign right to its eternal capital??? And first of all, would the Jerusalem residents have risen up (the verb “rise up” is from the same root as “intifada” -Ed.) in this heroic and extraordinary manner if the leadership had reconciled itself to the fact that the occupation determined, and had decided to hold the elections without Jerusalem and without the Jerusalem residents???


Blessings to the knights of Jerusalem – old and young, youths and children, women and men – as they wave the flag of free Jerusalem today and emphasize the Palestinian sovereignty in its various neighborhoods and streets, in its gates, and in its holy prayer plazas.”