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"Women’s rights are still on the waiting list” - Palestinian Director of Women’s Affairs sharply condemns Palestinian leadership for neglecting women’s rights

Headline: “For March 8: Women’s rights are still on the waiting list”






“Sara, a woman in her thirties and a mother of three children, was surprised when her husband married without her knowing, after he succeeded in getting his hands on her gold jewelry. Huda is still seeking appropriate and effective ways that will allow her to see her children and hug them, following her arbitrary divorce. Fathiya has been knocking on every door for years in order to receive her inheritance after her parents died and her brothers denied her her legal right. Fatima was forced to take tranquilizers to deal with the psychological effects from domestic violence. Sana’a, a university graduate, dreams of finding work, establishing a small business, and receiving the required funding. And Abir is waiting for an opportunity to build her home, which was destroyed by the occupation. These examples and more are still forcing themselves on women…


Director of the Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) feminist leader Nadia Abu Nahleh began her statements to [the official PA daily] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida by sending greetings to all the women of the world and the women of Palestine in particular, especially for March 8 [International Women’s Day]…


She added: ‘Very unfortunately, many issues concerning women are still pending, especially in light of the ongoing occupation that is eliminating the idea of a life of freedom and peace and is continuing to destroy homes and conduct arrests. In addition, women’s affairs are still at the bottom of the political administration’s list of priorities, despite the strengthening of the campaigns demanding to improve things for women, and especially on everything connected to approving the law to defend women from violence, but there is no response


In recent days, the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip decided to ban women from travelling without accompaniment, even though the world has released itself from this behavior, as freedom of movement is a right ensured for all people of the world, even in the poor states.’


She said: ‘It is strange that they are condemning the occupation’s oppressive measures against freedom of movement, the imposition of the blockade, and the like, at a time when freedom of movement is being limited according to Palestinian orders.’ …


From monitoring it becomes clear that many streams, organizations, and authorized sources speak about women’s affairs only on International Women’s Day, when there is an increase in operations distributing flowers and in the publication of statistics and recommendations, without these recommendations and suggestions becoming practical resolutions and measures supporting women’s rights. Therefore, the women’s hope is the elections and increasing the representation of women in the centers of decision making.”





Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) - Palestinian NGO committed to advocate Palestinian women's rights. WATC states on its website that many of its members are also members of the PLO but the WATC itself is not a member of the PLO.

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