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Antisemitic op-ed in PA daily: Jews start “every hostility” and believe that all power and property on earth is theirs

Op-ed by Samir Amr:
Headline: "Semitism and Antisemitism"
     "There is no question that this term [Antisemitism], with whatever one wants to imply by it, was disseminated by the Jews in order to delude other nations [into believing] that disagreements with them about any subject, and by any nation, constitutes hostility on an ethnic basis and racist discrimination between different human races, and that whoever is hostile towards them is hostile towards an entire race.
This is not so. The hatred towards Israeli Jews is not related to racist discrimination, and there is no nation, people, or country which started any hatred against them. It is the Jews who have always started every struggle and hostility; they view themselves as better than all the nations and more honored than all the peoples (since they are God's Chosen People). They call everyone else 'goyim' [lit. 'nations'], who are below them in every respect.
Moreover, they view themselves as deserving of all the goodness, glory and power on earth, and believe that they should attain ownership of the property of every non-Jew, in every way. Therefore, in every country where they live, we see that they seek to distinguish themselves from its inhabitants. They are concentrated in their own neighborhoods, and want everyone who lives with them to become their supporters. One of the things which stir up the nations against the Jews and plants [feelings] in their hearts against them is their tricks, which people understand. By presenting the issue of [Anti]semitism as hatred of the Jews, they seek to achieve several goals:
- To prove to the world that they need a refuge to which they can flee from the countries of the world, which do not cease to rise up against them and to attack them at every opportunity.
- To cause all the nations to recognize the State of the Jews and to encourage Jews to immigrate to Palestine, where they established their state.
- To sow fear in the hearts of Jews in all the countries so that they will immigrate to Palestine.
- So that the Jews will invest their money [in Israel] so as to ease this immigration and to prepare the ground in Palestine for the absorption of immigrants.
- To tell the Jews and the nations that the Jewish State is essential for the defense of Jews in other countries, and that it watches the steps of anyone seeking to harm the Jews. It has filled this role on many occasions and [also] in the present wave of Antisemitism.
… In the 19th century the motivation changed, and immigration of a new type began in central and Eastern Europe, with the spread of nationalistic ideas which let the Europeans of Central and Eastern Europe persecute the Jews. This gave the Jews the opportunity for a Jewish national revival…
The establishment of Israel – or, we should say, the failure of the Arab armies to prevent its establishment – was a great event in the history of the Middle East… They succeeded in establishing Israel, the first Jewish state in Palestine in 2,000 years, after they had been dispersed. But they believed in their goals, and in their dead Hebrew language, and they revived it. They left no chance for the skeptics and the scoffers among them, and succeeded in establishing their state from nothing. They exaggerate their caution and suspicion, and find acceptable reasons and excuses for their violent and destructive responses and their use of all means of killing and destruction."