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The PA has no real laws against the sexual harassment of women, admits Official PA Daily

Headline: “Sexual harassment at work”


“A clear legal mechanism regarding sexual harassment, whether in terms of definition or punishment, is missing. This places the Palestinian situation before an urgent legislative need to deal with this breach in general and to give it a definition in a framework enabling measurement, monitoring, and putting [perpetrators] on trial. This is in accordance with the agreements that Palestine has signed in the field of human rights and protecting women from violence, and also in order to protect the Palestinian women, the historical partners in all stages of the Palestinian national activity.

Likewise, the old laws and their inappropriateness for the social developments and phenomena constitute the largest challenge that must be dealt with regarding sexual harassment. This is one of the blatant obstacles when relying on laws from 1960, as in this case. This necessitates a revolution of the laws, as the old law is like not having a law at all, because it has no clear mention of dealing with the issue of sexual harassment of women at the workplace or anywhere else.”

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