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Journalists and feminist activists are being "attacked," "slandered" and sent death threats for their "feminist activity"

Headline: “The [Palestinian] Journalists’ Syndicate warned against harming the journalists and media outlets”



“The [Palestinian] Journalists’ Syndicate said in a statement yesterday [June 26, 2020] that it is monitoring with great concern the attacks against a number of female journalists, male journalists, and media outlets, which have reached the point of a death threat against colleague Omar Rahal and intentional slander against journalist colleague Nahed Abu Taima and the rest of the female members of the national feminist activity. This is in addition to an open letter from the information office of Hizb ut Tahrir (i.e., an international Salafist political organization) to the colleagues at the [independent Palestinian] news network Ma’an.

The syndicate added that ‘This attack and the organized attack that came on the background of a TV program presented by colleague Nahed [Abu Taima] on the Ma’an satellite channel – which in one of its episodes discussed the draft of the Law to Protect the Family From Violence and issues connected to women’s rights – are miserable attempts to intimidate and make accusations, which rest on narrow-mindedness that cannot hear a [different] opinion, position, and commentary or conduct a mutual discussion, but rather strive to incite and threaten with the sword of our religion and the traditions and customs of our noble and tolerant society.’

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