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PA Daily lies: "The Zionist project’s essence is to steal Palestine with its land, history, and culture that stretch back more than 5,000 years"

Headline: “A sit-in strike by the factions at the Burj Al-Barajneh [refugee] camp for Land Day”


“Democratic Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] (DFLP) Political Bureau member [and Palestinian National Council Deputy Chairman] Ali Faisal said that the Israeli occupation, in spite of its control over a large part of our Palestinian land, is unable to realize its full plan to eliminate our national rights. This is thanks to the resolve and resistance of the entire people, which on Land Day (see note below -Ed.) is learning the lessons of unity and willpower from our people in Palestine that was occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel), who have stood firm and defied the Zionist occupation’s plots.

Faisal said this during a sit-in strike held by the Palestinian factions at the Burj Al-Barajneh refugee camp for Land Day, where he gave a speech on behalf of the PLO. He said that the significance of Land Day is the unity of the Palestinian people in its adherence to its land and its national rights, and the perception that the Zionist project’s essence is to take control of the land and expel its owners far from it. Therefore, the enemy is turning to using all means of terror against the land and its people out of a thought that in this way it will be able to steal Palestine with its land, its history, and its culture that stretch over more than 5,000 years of the existence of our people (sic., the Palestinians have no history prior to the modern period), which will continue to stand firm against the occupier in a variety of possible means of struggle.”




Land Day – annual commemoration of the general strike and demonstrations organized by Israeli Arab residents of the Galilee on March 30, 1976 to protest the Israeli government's decision to expropriate land in the Galilee for security and building purposes, which it later implemented. During the protests, demonstrators burnt tires, blocked roads, and threw rocks and firebombs. Six demonstrators were shot and killed by the Israeli army and police. Israeli Arabs and Palestinians consider Land Day a national day.