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Fatah Shabiba High School Movement activist wears jacket featuring a map of "Palestine" which erases Israel's existence

The article includes a picture from the activity, in which a Fatah Shabiba High School Movement member is seen wearing a yellow vest with a Shabiba logo on the back featuring the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas in the colors of the Palestinian flag.


Headline: “The Fatah Salfit Branch organized an activity ‘Get to know your prophet’”

“On the birthday of Prophet [Muhammad], which was held yesterday, Thursday [Oct. 29, 2020], the Fatah organizational branch in Salfit and the [Fatah] Shabiba High School [Movement] committees held an activity under the headline ‘Get to know your prophet’ in the city of Salfit, in whose framework candies and fliers to get to know the prophet, blessing and peace be upon him, were distributed.”