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"Smell the scent of the Martyrs in its alleys" - PA boasts that Qalandiya refugee camp has "sacrificed 75 martyrs including 23 children"

Headline: “The Martyrs of Qalandiya – lights that illuminate the roads of the refugee camp”




“When you enter the Qalandiya refugee camp, which is north of occupied Jerusalem, you will certainly smell the scent of the Martyrsin its alleys of thousands of stories, which are told by their posters that hang at the entrances to the camp’s neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is named after the Martyr whose poster is hung [there].The Qalandiya refugee camp constitutes an inexhaustible reserve of sacrifice and struggle against the occupier, who wanted the camp to be fragile and weak, but its roads and alleys have proven in every confrontation with the occupier that it is stronger and has a greater ability to triumph; the Qalandiya refugee camp has sacrificed 75 Martyrs, including 23 children, and 120 prisoners in the occupation’s prison, including 18 prisoners serving life sentences.