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Israelis are actually "European Jewish Khazars colonizing Palestine" according to PA Daily

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for the official PA daily and former advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs


Headline: “The European arm-twisting is unacceptable”




“The Westerners have forgotten that 74 years of struggle and tens and even hundreds of thousands of Martyrs, wounded, and prisoners were not in vain… and not out of a love for blood, death, and suffering, but rather for the sake of establishing peace and disseminating the language and culture of tolerance and coexistence. What is more, all the sacrifices that have been made have not discouraged the Palestinian people and have not forced it to relinquish its national narrative or abandon its principles and political rights.


These same Westerners have also completely ignored that the members of the Palestinian people are first of all members of the Semitic Arab nation and are not from among the European Jewish Khazars colonizing Palestine (sic., genetic research has conclusively proven Jews share a common origin in Israel and are not the descendants of Khazars)… and that they are the first to defend Semitism, tolerance, coexistence, and peace, and they fiercely oppose the option of surrender. Therefore, the fact that they agree to peace, in addition to the historic concession that they made for the two-state solution in the June 4, 1967 borders, in addition to the return of the refugees to their lands, the right to self-determination, and full equality for the members of the [Palestinian] people in the Galilee, the Triangle, the Negev, and the [Jewish and Arab] mixed cities (i.e., Israeli areas and cities), does not under any circumstances mean abandoning the national narrative, but rather holding onto it completely and [willingness] to die in defense of it.


The aforementioned comments relate to the issue that the European Union (EU) has again returned to, and it is the Zionist-American incitement against the Palestinian curriculum. It derives its information from Zionist institutes that oppose peace and the Palestinian narrative such as the Georg Eckert Institute (GEI), which was authorized by the EU [to check the PA schoolbooks], and the ‘Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education’ (IMPACT-SE). The two institutes claimed that the Palestinian curriculum 'presented antisemitic narratives and glorification of violence, despite the promises to the donor states to reexamine the schoolbooks.’ According to a report in the Israeli Jerusalem Post from Saturday, March 5, [2022,] 'The PA Ministry of Education reprinted last year's textbooks with the same issues raised by the EU. Moreover, the authority wrote thousands of pages of new material, roughly equivalent in size to all the textbooks in the curriculum.’ The paper claimed that ‘The new material contains content that is worse than current or previous Palestinian textbooks, with a greater number of lessons that directly incite violence and propagate overt antisemitism.’ The paper also cited the two aforementioned Zionist institutes, which claimed in an inciting letter that was sent to the European Parliament that 'The new material connects the Israelis to Satan, calls for students to die as Martyrs and liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque, and teaches students to kill infidels in exchange for great monetary rewards (sic., the article simply says “great rewards”).’


The paper noted that millions of euros in aid from the EU to the [PA] budget of the occupied Palestinian state are being delayed at its offices in Jerusalem, because in the corridors of the EU the discussion continues over the question of whether part of the foreign aid will be conditioned on carrying out reforms in the schoolbooks. Also according to the paper, a group of legislators in the EU called… to deduct the money designated to the PA due to the failure of the reform in the schoolbooks, and more than this, these legislators demanded that the funding be conditioned on the reform.


A quick response to the content of the letter sent by the two institutes to the EU: It doesn’t have a shred of truth, and it is false and fabricated. In addition, the two Zionist institutes did not relate to the Israeli curriculum, or the racist laws, or the Zionist religious rulings coming one after another and calling to kill Palestinians (sic., there are no Jewish religious rulings to kill Palestinians, although there are rulings to kill terrorist attackers). They did not relate at all to the rejection of the option of peace by the governments of Israel throughout history, and did not utter a sound on the wars and the incessant invasions of the Palestinian districts, cities, villages, and refugee camps, or on the daily and barbaric murder of children, women, and young people without any reason worthy of noting…


The Palestinian people and leadership will not agree to political arm-twisting in exchange for money, because the money that you are paying is not out of love for Palestine and the Palestinian people, but rather in exchange for supporting the option of possible and acceptable peace. If you misappropriate your role and violate your promises and commitments, you will be the losers and not the Palestinian people or the Palestinian leadership. Therefore, recheck your considerations carefully and don’t fall for an obvious trap of false and fabricated Zionist incitement that doesn’t have a shred of truth. Either accept the Palestinians – the people and the leadership – as they are, or look for another alternative. You will not find anyone who will relinquish one grain of the soil of Palestine and the political and legal rights.”

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