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PA: Israel is actually "Palestinian land" from the northern "Palestinian" Galilee to the southern "Palestinian" Negev

Headline: “The Arab League: The time has come to end the occupation”




“The PLO Department for Human Rights and Civil Society Affairs said that Land Day (see note below -Ed.), which has united and unites all the Palestinians, is a symbol of the freedom of our people that refuses to submit to the racist occupiers…


It emphasized: ‘This year [2022], eternal Land Day arrives at a time when the occupiers have gone too far in harming the people, trees, and stones in the occupied land of Palestine, which despite all these crimes, its people are continuing to preserve the inexhaustible reserve of resolve, struggle, sacrifice, and tools and means that will cause the enemies’ plots to boomerang on them and harm them. The Judaization plans in the Negev, the Triangle, the Galilee (all areas in Israel -Ed.), occupied Jerusalem, and the territories of the West Bank will not pass, regardless of how much time passes.’


Yesterday [March 29, 2022] the Palestinian National Library emphasized that the Zionist settler colonialism in Palestine is continuing in its war against the Palestinian presence, and this is through the settlement expansion on the Palestinian land, which is the heart of the historical conflict with the occupier…


National Library Chairman [and PA Parliament Member] Issa Karake noted that this year, Land Day is arriving in the shadow of an escalation of the conflict with the Israeli occupier over the land, existence, and identity, and in the shadow of a practical struggle against the colonialist Zionist project… whose latest expression was the announcement on the construction of five new settlements in the Negev desert in southern Palestine (sic., refers to four Jewish towns and one Bedouin town approved in the Negev in southern Israel on March 27, 2022).


Karake added that the occupation is again inventing justifications based on a delusion to build new settlements and house Jews in place of the Palestinian residents who own the land. He noted that in 1976 it invented the slogan ‘Developing the Galilee’ to take control of the Palestinian land in northern Palestine (sic., northern Israel), while today it is repeating this to take control of southern Palestine…


Karake added: ‘Just as the Palestinians succeeded in preserving their existence in their Arab villages in the Galilee, so too they will succeed in preserving their existence in the Negev, especially considering how the occupation has recently admitted that it is unable to control the Arabs in the Negev.’”






Issa Karake is former Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs.


Land Day – annual commemoration of the general strike and demonstrations organized by Israeli Arab residents of the Galilee on March 30, 1976 to protest the Israeli government's decision to expropriate land in the Galilee for security and building purposes, which it later implemented. During the protests, demonstrators burnt tires, blocked roads, and threw rocks and firebombs. Six demonstrators were shot and killed by the Israeli army and police. Israeli Arabs and Palestinians consider Land Day a national day.