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PA Minister reports that in 2021 the PA spent $1.7 billion in Gaza, around 40% of the PA's budget

Official PA TV program Talk of the Hour


Official PA TV host: “Your Honor Minister [Majdi Al-Saleh], despite the difficult situation that the southern districts (i.e., the Gaza Strip) are experiencing here due to the [Fatah-Hamas] rift, and particularly in Gaza, in spite of all this, is the [PA] government allocating millions in money to improve the situation of the residents here, and to support their resolve and them remaining on this land?”


PA Minister of Local Authorities Majdi Al-Saleh: “Certainly, the Palestinian leadership and government are still committed and loyal to our people in the Gaza Strip. Last year in 2021, the Palestinian government spent $1.7 billion in the Gaza Strip in salaries, needs of the [PA] Ministry of Health, social development, and education. This constitutes 40% of the Palestinian government’s budget.”

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