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PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs accuses Israel of launching a “campaign of oppression and punishments” against prisoners

Headline: "During his visit to family of prisoners Akram Mansour in Qalqilya and Du'a Al-Jiyousi in Tulkarem - Karake: A campaign of oppression and punishments in order to break the spirit of the [hunger] striking prisoners in the occupation's prisons"
"Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, said that [there is] a crazed campaign of oppression and that the [Israeli] Prison Service has started imposing unfair punishments on prisoners who are holding a hunger strike in all the prisons… Karake's words were said during a visit with a delegation from the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs in the city of Qalqilya to the family of prisoner Akram Mansour Al-Wahsh, who is serving 33 years in the occupation prisons and is holding a hunger strike with the other veteran prisoners in the Ashkelon prison… Karake and a delegation from the Ministry likewise visited the mother of female prisoner Du'a Al-Jiyousi, in the presence of Tulkarem District Governor, Talal Dweikat, and released prisoner Ahmad Abu Sukkar."

Note: Du'a Al-jayousi – transported a suicide terrorist to the site of an attack in Netanya in 2002. Serving 3 life sentences.
Akram Mansour – serving a life sentence for killing a reserve soldier in 1979.