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PA employs released terrorists to justify rewards, “private and public sectors are full of [released] prisoners”

Official PA TV program From Cairo

Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr: “I say that the prisons have been and remain schools. Many of the commanders and organization members (i.e., convicted terrorists) who left prison are currently fulfilling important roles in the PA. Even abroad, those who went abroad are also university lecturers and managing funds. Among us in the [Fatah] Central Committee there are released prisoners, in the [PA] government ministries there are released prisoners. All fields of life – whether in the private sector or the public sector – are full of [released] prisoners.”

Following PMW’s exposure that the PA continues to pay salaries to imprisoned and released terrorists as rewards for their attacks, the PA is now disguising the terror rewards as salaries for “honest work” by giving jobs in the PA’s public sector to released terrorists. Significantly, the terrorists continue to receive high terrorist salaries and not low public service salaries. PA terror salaries - Under Palestinian Authority law, the PA pays thousands of terrorist prisoners monthly salaries from the day of their arrest. The PA also provides salaries and various grants and benefits to released terrorists. Moreover, the PA pays wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorist "Martyrs" monthly allowances. Palestinian Media Watch has exposed and documented this PA practice for over a decade, and in doing so has brought about change in and cancellation of Western funding to the PA.

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