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Terrorist murderer of 5 people is an "icon" according to Official PA Daily

Headline: “Prisoner Al-Tous: The third most veteran icon inside the occupation’s prisons”


“Prisoner Muhammad Al-Tous (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 5), 65, began his 36th consecutive year in the occupation’s prisons yesterday [Oct. 6, 2020], and he is the third most veteran Palestinian prisoner.

Prisoner Al-Tous was arrested in 1985 for his resistance to the occupation and his affiliation with the Fatah Movement, and he was seriously wounded at the time and sentenced to life…

On the anniversary of his arrest last year, Muhammad Al-Tous issued a message in which he said: ‘I do not regret the great sacrifices that I have made for the homeland; I believe that I will leave the prison, and I am certain that release is near.’”



Muhammad Al-Tous - Palestinian terrorist and Fatah member who was the commander of a terrorist cell that attacked 5 civilian buses in September 1985, wounding 16 passengers. He also issued the command to murder Zalman Abolnik in March 1984 and Meir Ben Yair and Michal Cohen in July 1985, and took part in the murder of Mordechai Suissa and Edna Harari in October 1985. Al-Tous is serving life in prison.