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PA daily: Israel is “an unnatural implant, the result of a colonialist settlement project”

Official PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
"Peace is the primary factor in Israeli security"
"The Zionist state is an unnatural implant, the result of a colonialist settlement project of expulsion [of original residents] and settlement [of foreign residents]. It was set down as a fact on the ground to serve colonialist purposes in a vital region, at the expense of the interests of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation. Therefore, the standards [applied to it] cannot be the same standards [as those applied to] the other countries of the world. However, this unusual Israeli situation will be annulled once peace reigns. The Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslim decision-makers in 57 states extend the hand of peace and normalization with the Israeli state, if it will accept the option of peace on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002.
The factor [peace] mentioned above is the most important and greatest factor ensuring the Israel's security and future in the region. It is more important than the strategic agreement with the US, and obviously more important than the atomic bombs and the weapons of mass destruction."