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PA outrageous libel: The Israeli "Nazi judicial system" sentenced Mossad Agent Ben Zygier to a secret death

Headline: “Israel is the Kingdom of Death”

From Adel Abd Al-Rahman’s daily column in Al-Hayad Al-Jadida



“The establishment of Israel as a state in 1948 was based on a project of occupation [carried out] at the expense of the Palestinian people. This colonialist state claims that it is ‘democracy’s only oasis’ in the Arab region! Even though facts being uncovered day after day [demonstrate] that it is a state of death not just for Palestinians, but also for Jews and anyone in the region or in the world who resist its colonialist choice. Israel’s most recent crime was the elimination of Prisoner X, the Australian Jew Ben Zygier who arrived in Israel from Melbourne in 2001, changed his name to Ben Alon, and worked as an agent of the Mossad.

In January 2010, in an isolated solitary confinement cell in the Ayalon prison, he died. The authorities did not make this Israeli’s death known, fearing scandal, and his having been killed remained a secret with Netanyahu who wanted to end the story quietly. However, two Israeli newspapers published the story and later three Parliament members – Zehava Galon, Ahmad Tibi, and Dov Hanin – distributed it, three years after Israeli leaders had committed the crime.

This new crime is not the first in the history of the law-breaking rogue state. This demonstrates that the Israeli organized-terror state uses the assassination and death weapon not only against Palestinian Arabs and political leaders of all their various factions, but also against Jews who – according to Israel – cross its red lines, like Ben Zygier. This shows that this state is not safe and is no more than a death regime, like a cancer that metastasizes in the body of the state and the region.

What is happening now against the prisoners of freedom who have been on a hunger strike for 207 days, like Samer Al-Issawi, Al-Sharawneh and other Palestinians, shows how assassination activities are expanding in different ways and [using different] methods, against Palestinians and Jews alike. This is because the Israeli kingdom of darknesshas no moral, legal, or humanitarian restraints, since Israel was created in order to serve Jewish capitalism whose interests go hand in hand with western capitalism. As such, the life of any Jew, Palestinian, or Arab has no value when confronted by the main mission of the ethnic-cleansing and racist-terrorist state…

If Israel had any minimal signs of a democracy, the Australian Jew and other Israeli security officers like him would not be eliminated, and they could have a fair trial before the judicial system.

But the Israeli judicial system, which at times tries to cover itself with a robe of ‘objectivity’, is no more than a key partner in the assassination activity, for it loyally serves the Israeli political leadership and carries out its mission meekly in a contemptible manner under the ‘safeguarding state security’ banner. What kind of a state executes its children without a fair trial?! What kind of Nazi judicial system agrees to kill Jews -- not to mention Palestinians – who work against the rulers’ and security establishment’s policy that lacks any sensitivity or ethical-moral, legal, or political accountability, and that contradicts the principles of human rights and the UN Charter?!

Ben Zygier’s assassination adds a new aspect to the future of the dark and murderous regime. It will be tragic for Jews with Israeli citizenship, for Palestinians and Arabs, because the policies they employ will lead only to death, wars, and settler colonization, and thus to a rejection of democratic standards and an [and end to] the peace option – the option of two states with the borders of June 4, 1967. If the free world is interested in peace in the region, it must intercede immediately in order to protect Israel from its war criminal leaders, and prevent the region from becoming a violent maelstrom, as a result of Israel’s organized terror.