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National Anti-Normalization Committee "praises Arab brothers who reject any sports relations with Israel"

“The National Anti-Normalization Committee held its third General Conference…attended by the [PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, District Governor Adnan Husseini, the organization’s Secretary-General, Jihad Uwaydah and organization members Hatem Abd Al-Qader, Talal Abu Afifa and Dimitri Diliani.


The Secretary-General of the committeepraised the Arab brothers who had rejected any kind of sports relations with Israel,viewing it as normalization, at the end of his speech. [He said that] even though secret trade relations exist, most Arab countries have forbidden their citizens to maintain sports relations with Israel, such as the kingdom of Bahrain, which approved a law punishing anyone maintaining relations with the Israeli occupation.


On his part, Minister Husseini said that the normalization issue is part of a planned Israeli strategy for Judaizing the Palestinian land and people, and specifically the city of Jerusalem which is being targeted. He denounced those eager for normalization with the Palestinian side (sic., Israeli side) while the occupation’s leadership expresses its opposition to peace with the Palestinians and Arabs…


He mentioned the Israeli side’s rejection of the Arab Peace Initiative, which is based on a comprehensive peace and on a full withdrawal from the Palestinian and Arab territories in return for full normalization with over fifty Arab and Muslim countries…


On his part, Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of Sebastia … called for intensifying the [anti-normalization] struggle, for rejecting and opposing it with all available cultural means, and for the boycott of all the services this occupation purports to give the Palestinians.


He announced that the Jerusalem churches oppose the flagrant violations the Al-Aqsa Mosque is being subjected to, and said that the harm inflicted on Al-Aqsa and other holy Muslim sites is an abominable blow to the entire Palestinian people, Muslims and Christians alike.”