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"A racist character is historically rooted in the Zionist ideology and conduct" claims PA Daily

Headline: “Israeli racism intensifies”

Column by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, columnist for official PA daily


“Lately, we have witnessed a series of Israeli violations and measures which reflect how racist acts are gaining control of Israel’s official establishment and society, exposing the danger of the direction in which the Israeli ethnic cleansing state is heading…

The official Israeli establishment (the executive authority, the legislature and the judiciary authority) [parentheses in source] pay an important role in intensifying the racist policy and acts, instilling them and supporting them, and conspiring with those who perpetrate them…

[Israeli] Minister of Transportation Israel Katz was behind the decision to designate special buses for Palestinians. In other words, the executive authority. It is the Israeli legal system that is responsible for legalizing the separation between the Palestinian inhabitants and the droves of settlers. The executive and judiciary authorities have armed themselves with racist laws legislated by the 18th Israeli Parliament. This is in addition to the racist character which was historically rooted in the Zionist ideology and conduct. [This character] is intensifying as a result of the educational curriculum, which is based on the teachings of the Torah, which calls for the killing of the Palestinian and Arab ‘gentiles’…

Israeli racism poses a concrete threat to all nations of the region, including the Jews themselves.

A colonialist country that settles, enslaves another nation, violates elementary human rights and progresses at lightning speed towards intensifying its racist and fascist acts – cannot exist and survive, whether it wants to or not, because it poses a threat to Israel itself, to the Palestinians, to the Arabs and to all nations of the world and to American and European interests in the region.”