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"Bravo to him" – family of bus bomber terrorist says that he is an "example for young people"

Official PA TV program In a Fighter’s Homevisited the home of Abdallah Abu Jaber in the Al-Baqa’a refugee camp in Jordan.



PA TV host asked Abu Jaber’s father what he felt when his son was caught.

Father of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “It was a little hard for me, but not too hard, I say bravo to him that…”

PA TV host: “That your son is a hero and not a traitor. At least he is a patriot.”

Father of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “Exactly.”

PA TV host: “We encourage the struggle.”

Father of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “Yes, exactly.”

Cousin of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “He should be an example for lots of young people here in the camp. He did something very great. We’re proud of him here in the family, the camp and everywhere.”

PA TV host: “How were you affected when you heard the news?”

Sister of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “The truth is, it was a big shock, but after a while, you understand what he did as something great and you feel pride, because we are from the diaspora but still support our families in Palestine.”

PA TV host: “What was the last thing your mother told you?”

Brother of Abdallah Abu Jaber: “She always said that she hoped to give birth every day to a child who would be a sacrificial offering for Palestine and the families in Palestine.”




Abdallah Abu Jaber – Palestinian terrorist who placed a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv on Dec. 28, 2000, wounding 14 people. Abu Jaber was arrested by Israel, and was released on June 8, 2021, after serving 20 years in prison.