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PA Daily bashes Obama for saying that "Israel was a ‘rebirth,’" stating that this is "untrue because Israelis never had a homeland in historical Palestine"

Column by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular columnist for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida



“The President who lives the White House and his advisors ignored the comments written in this column two days ago about his meeting with one of the Israeli satellite channels, in which he looked weak, eager to flatter the Israeli leadership and extremist public, [while] renouncing his status and role as president of the world’s greatest power.

This disregard has pushed Obama into a new pit, which casts a negative light on him and his place in history, [even] as he wanted to continue his policy of improving his image in the eyes of the Zionist leaders, who welcomed him at the Lod airport, thereby wronging history and the Arab-Palestinian people and its narrative, as he said in his speech: ‘I stand with you on the historical land, the Israeli “homeland” for thousands of years. The Israeli “nation” prayed here and “worked” the land.’

The establishment of Israel was a ‘rebirth’?! Mr. Obama, what you said is untrue. The Israelis never had a homeland in historical Palestine. According to Shlomo Sand, a nation called the Israeli nation never existed in history. It is the Arab-Palestinian nation that lived and continued to live on the Arab-Palestinian land, continuously until the present day.

They, the Canaanites, [were] the forefathers, and if there were Jews [there], they were Arabs [descended] from the Canaanites and their successors, the Arab Palestinians.

Likewise, no one worked the land except for the Palestinians. The Palestinians were the ones who sang to the land from the river to the sea. The Palestinians’ agreeing to the historic negotiations and their tendency to favor the option of peace and a two-state solution within the June 4, 1967 borders arose from an objective reading of current conditions and were only meant to ward off the dangers of war, disseminate the policy of coexistence and peace, save the nations of the region from the circle of violence and war and create conditions for continuous development which will raise the status of the nations of the region.

The US President, famous for his reading of history and knowledge of the facts, was betrayed by his tongue and wronged history, because he took outrageous [liberties] with the historical facts and the Arab-Palestinian narrative.

If he was relying on the assumed existence of the Kingdom of Judea before the Common Era, why at that time there were no nations and countries in the strict sense of the word; for the nations, peoples and countries developed with the victory of the Bourgeois revolution towards the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries, when the national markets came into being.

In addition, Obama should have held the stick from the middle to avoid creating the impression that he was flattering and conspiring with the Israeli leaders, who falsified history, saying that, historically, the Holy Land had accommodated both nations;  the Arab-Palestinian and the Israeli. This claim has no foundation in truth, but we could have ignored the wrong done to history, since in the previous situation, he didn’t deny the presence of the Arab-Palestinians, who are the owners of the land, history, culture, legacy and civilization in historical Palestine.

Likewise, in this context, he could have tried to draw the attention of the nihilistic Israeli leaders to the existence of a Palestinian partner and to the fact that the Palestinian nation needs an independent state whose capital is East Jerusalem, within the June 4, 1967 borders.