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PA religious leader bizarrely claims that Israel is the "cause" of Palestinian domestic abuse

Official PATV program Voices from Palestine, a joint Official PA TV and BBC Arabic programon violence against women, hosted PA Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law Sheikh Yusuf Ida’is.  


PA Chairman of the Supreme Council for Shari'ah Law, Sheikh Yusuf Ida’is:“If we examine the basic [causes] for these numbers [regarding domestic violence], they go back, first and foremost, to the Israeli occupation and to the forcing of difficult conditions on the Palestinian people. And the first cause is the financial cause. The difficult financial conditions the Palestinian people live in. In my opinion, when a man goes to work and there are checkpoints and then, when he comes home, there are domestic demands - he is asked to do household chores. When his wife pressures him about household chores, he has two choices: Either to run away from home and leave the home without a provider, orto use some form of violence against his wife, whether verbal or physical.