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PA Daily blames the US and Israel for the Arab Spring, while bashing Obama for supposed hypocritical human rights abuses

Column by Fuad Abu Hajla, regular columnist for official PA daily



“On the eve of US President Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to the region, the elites participating in the American plan are preparing for this visit and trying to create the impression that it is important, as it were, for loosening the many knots in the conflicts of the countries east of the Mediterranean.

The truth is, this evaluation is nothing more than an illusion, believed only by those who profit from it and those involved in the plan for spreading illusions in the Arab region, foremost among which is the illusion of the [Arab] Spring, which has now been proven to be [more] like a spring allergy - stimulating bacteria and spreading diseases.

Nothing has changed in the Arab Spring and nothing has changed in the American policy. Everything that is occurring revolves around Israel’s satisfaction, and this is the red line that America, its reactionary friends in the autumnal Arab countries and its revolutionary friends in the Arab Spring nations are  unable to cross.

Obama will come and leave and nothing will change. The Palestinians will not get anything from this President in this visit besides an eloquent speech, in which the President of Guantanamo will speak about human rights, and the sponsor of the occupation will preach ridiculous sermons about the right of nations to freedom and independence…

Still, we notice the significance of this visit’s timing, in the beginning of spring, as if this was an American message to the nations of the region: the American Spring will encircle all countries under the banner of a declared loyalty to Israel, or with the secret alliance with the Israeli plan, whose purpose is to Judaize the entire Arab land, not just Palestine.

Our fear is that there are still people capable of believing this President’s promises, of taking his words seriously and of trusting in a change in American policy.”