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Terrorist who participated in the lynching and murder of two Israeli soldiers is an innocent "role model" says PA

The “Link in a Chain” program on PA TV visited the family home of prisoner Tareq Khaled Al-Tabsh in the South Gazan town of Khan Yunis. Al-Tabsh was a PA policeman who participated in the December 2000 lynch and murder in Ramallah of two Israeli soldiers. He was sentenced to life in prison.


Visual: Poster with the caption “Heroic Prisoner Tarek Khaled Tabsh”.


Host: “He [Al-Tabsh] remained a hero, fighting the occupation until the arrival of the early revolutionaries and the homeland’s free men who established the Palestinian Authority. He joined the Palestinian police. He was a role model and symbol of generosity and discipline. Afterwards, Tarek transferred to the [West] Bank districts in order to continue in the service of his people. While on his way back to Gaza, occupation forces arrested him, and he was sentenced to life in prison.”