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"Obama’s visit does not interest us" writes PA Daily amidst rampage condemning Obama's "provocative" visit

Title: To Hell with Politics


From an article by Fuad Abu Hajla




In response to the crime of murdering fighter Arafat Jaradat in the occupation’s prisons, the [West] Bank is burning with legitimate rage – not because he is the first to die in the enemy’s prisons, but because he will not be the last Martyr [who died] in the torture chambers of the fascist Zionist prisons.


At the peak of this legitimate popular rage, we must change the political message, which tends to pacify and tries to make do with utilizing this crime politically and by putting pressure on the international community to denunciate Israel – a possibility which is out of reach due to the USA’s control of international decision making and the USA presidents’, who resemble Zionists, adherence to leaning in Israel’s favor at the expense of Palestinian blood.


Washington will not denunciate this crime, and Barack Hussein Obama will not stray from his provocative declarations, that “Israel has the right to protect itself.” This American president will come to Ramallah for the purpose of talking about anything in the world except our right to freedom. He will preach for democracy in the [Arab] Spring nations and about the sweetness of peace in the Middle East, he will demand that we make painful concessions and then he will decide to provide Israel with more weapons of killing.


It is our right to be angry and it is the right of our people, its elites and patriotic intellectuals to boycott Obama’s visit and to refuse to listen to his declarations about peace. It is possible that the US embassy in Israel knows that the Palestinians in their cities and villages are not eager for this visit and are not expecting real results from it.


Obama’s visit does not interest us, since this is a meaningless political visit. In this context, there is no difference between receiving the president of the USA and receiving the president of Micronesia. We do not trust the American policy which makes us cry out: “To hell with politics.”