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"Netanyahu’s government purposely awakens the Palestinian nation’s anger" claims PA Daily

Excerpt of an article by Adli Sadeq following the death of prisoner Arafat Jaradat


Headline: “MartyrJaradat and introspection”




Netanyahu’s government purposely awakens the Palestinian nation’s anger and stirs up emotions in the West Bank. It hopes we will once again appear with weapons… And perhaps it will fabricate conspiracies so that the weapon will become our choice, so that the extreme right will show itself to its public as an authority with important military acts, who fights “terror” and wages a legitimate war against it. This, while the world forgets that it [Netanyahu’s government] is the embodiment of terror

We say openly and explicitly: Let’s be aware of the attempts to fail us by strumming on our emotions and deceiving us that the optimal solution for the occupation’s low acts is to fight them with violence, and not with organized popular operations…

Victory through violence is impossible with the existing equations and because of the Arab nations’ blockade, the revolutions they are going through, and the lack of a prospect of assistance. Based on this fact we must build our considerations

We face an enemy whose hate and willingness to perpetrate all kinds of crimes has no limit, and in the meantime no one assists us…”