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PA Daily: "Israel commits increasing violations for the purpose of irritating the Palestinian people"

Title: Rage of the people


[From an article by Hafez Barghouti]




No one can stop the rage of the people which expresses solidarity with the prisoners, and no one can convince the people’s rage to ignore the settlement and Judaizing of Jerusalem. For over two years Israel has been committing increasing acts and violations for the purpose of irritating the Palestinian people [and dragging them] into what it has named a third Intifada

For the past two years the occupation has exhausted all means of provocation in order to create an armed third Intifada, which will provide it with the opportunity to indiscriminately massacre the people, land and sacred sites …

We are prepared, both politically and practically, so we will not allow the occupation to pull us into its military or political ambushes… If a person with awareness is capable of managing its campaigns without getting pulled into what the occupation wants. Opposition means doing what the occupation won’t do and avoiding what it wants. Do we have awareness?"