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Terror attack in which school children were taken hostage and killed "was an extraordinary success" says PA TV

Continuation of the program: Personal Encounter

Guest: Anwar Yassin


He describes that during the terror attack in Ma’alot, Omar Al-Qassam  (Qassam was at the top of the list of prisoners the kidnappers had demanded be released) was brought to handle the negotiations with the kidnappers, but when they handed him the megaphone he told the kidnappers to carry out their orders, and that raised the kidnappers’ moral. 


“And this [Ma’a lot] operation was an extraordinary success… Over fifty Zionists were killed in that attack, since the enemy, when he [Omar Al-Qassam] began [to speak] and raised their moral, he [the enemy] broke into the school and the enemy killed everyone, the fighters with the settlers.”

Yassin: “Until now this enemy has not yet been convinced of the existence of our rights, and has not been convinced to admit these rights, our rights as human beings, or the freedom of our land, and we must teach the enemy more lessons of struggle and resistance with weapons and strong will and by standing strong, to get from him more parts of our rights, until we obtain all our rights from him.”




Ma'alot massacre - terror attack committed by terrorists who were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) on May 15, 1974. The terrorists took hostages at the Netiv Meir Elementary School in Ma'alot. When Israeli forces tried to rescue the hostages, the terrorists attacked the hostages with guns and grenades, murdering 22 children and 4 adults


Omar Al-Qassem - Led a terror squad that crossed the Jordan River into Israel to carry out a terror attack in 1968. Caught by Israeli soldiers, the squad killed two soldiers. Al-Qassem was given two life sentences, and died in his prison cell 21 years later.