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PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs: Israel’s aim is “to kill the prisoners… and to turn them into inhuman creatures”

"Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, said: 'There is a grave turning point and mortal danger threatening the [hunger] striking prisoners, on the 13th day of their strike.' This was in a speech which Karake delivered at the protest tent in the town of Abu Dis in the Jerusalem district… In his speech, Karake warned that the health situation of the striking prisoners was in continuous decline; they had lost weight and were isolated from the world, and the necessary treatments and medical examinations were not being provided for them. [He added that] the State of Israel's aim is to kill the prisoners, to sabotage the measures they undertake, to attack them and to turn them into inhuman creatures.
Karake warned about… the biased rumors and the incitement in the Israeli media, which presents the prisoners' strike as though it was for the sake of buying whole chickens or restoring a few satellite channels. He emphasized that the termination of solitary confinement is the prisoners' most profound strategic demand, and it is joined by [the demand for] halting the policy of punishments, which is manifested in the withholding of visits, in the imposition of fines, invasions [of cells], the handcuffing of prisoners' hands and feet, and the violation of their human rights."