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Official PA news agency reports on book which denies central facts of the Holocaust

Headline: “Reading the book The Founding Myths of Israeli Policy”


“The book The Founding Myths of Israeli Policy (sic., The Founding Myths of Modern Israel BY Roger Garaudy, published in 1996) is thought to be one of the most controversial books of the 20th century. An open and shameful war was declared against its French author Roger Garaudy (convicted in 1998 by France of questioning a crime against humanity as he called the death of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust “a myth” –Ed.), because he dared to question one of the taboos planted by world Zionism, without allowing anyone to discuss or study it. [The book] does not deal only with the Holocaust, but also covers the Israeli lies that preceded the establishment of the State of Israel by hundreds of years, such as the saying ‘a people without a land for a land without a people’ (sic., a land without a people for a people without a land) and the rest of the Biblical sayings that research proves day after day are ‘myths’ with no basis other than in the heads of those who wrote them. Muhammad Hisham translated the book [by Roger Garaudy], and the brilliant journalist Muhammad Hassanein Heikal wrote the introduction.

Despite [the fact] that the introduction written by Muhammad Hassanein Heikal is short, what appears in it requires a more critical examination of the story of the Holocaust that took the lives of six million victims: ‘I bring the statistics of the League of Nations regarding the number of Jews in the world in 1938, which is the last annual report of this organization before World War II, and then afterwards the statistics gathered by the UN, which replaced the League of Nations after the war, from 1947. According to the statistics, the number remained the same as it was before the war – 11 million.’ This proves in principle and beyond a doubt that the number of Jews who died, whether by being killed, or by natural death from the diseases that were common then in the detention camps, or due to the forced labor that the Germans imposed on the Jews, is not more than the number by which a [population] of 11 million would grow in nine years, which is undoubtedly less than 6 million.

Garaudy devotes a whole chapter to the cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionist movement, which is backed up by documents, dates, and certificates, ‘in light of the fact that the Zionist organization of the German Jews was legal until 1938, in other words five years after Hitler rose to power, and the Zionist newspaper of the German Jews, Jüdische Rundschau, even continued to be published until 1938.’

The cooperation between the Zionist organizations and the Nazis has been proven by many serious studies. According to their authors, the reason for this cooperation arose from [the fact] that the most important thing in the eyes of the Zionist organizations was the establishment of the State of Israel, and not saving the Jews from the detention camps. ‘In terms of Zionist goals, saving the Jewish capital from Nazi Germany, so as to enable the realization of the Zionist project, was more important than saving the lives of the unfortunate Jews or those unable to work or fight, who constituted a heavy burden.’

The cooperation reached an unprecedented level when several leaders of the Zionist organizations turned over a large number of Jews to the Nazi detention camps in return for the transfer of a number of Jews to Palestine…

A full chapter of Garaudy’s book discusses the Holocaust carried out by the Nazis and tries to refute the Zionist claim of the number [of victims], not in order to justify the Nazis’ actions, but in order to reveal the truth…

‘In November 1990, the international committee in the Auschwitz camp thought to change the memorial plaque at the entrance to the camp, on which is written “4 million killed,” and to place a different plaque in its place on which was written “more than 1 million killed.” However, the head of the committee, Dr. Morris Goldstein, objected to this proposal.’ This of course constitutes proof that the exaggerated number was presented intentionally, as the number 6 million still returns over and over in the global media through the Zionist trumpets, despite the fact that ‘Today experts [on the subject] agree that the number of victims is no less than 900,000 and no more than 1.2 million.’

Garaudy goes on to talk about the trials that were held after the war, as in all of these trials only Nazis were judged, and based on testimonies that were mostly emotional and whose content was not actually verified… and regarding the claims of gas chambers, ‘After examining all of the documentary sources, and checking the sites in Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek, the investigator Fred Leuchter (an American execution expert who carried out a forensic examination of the camps in 1988 and asserted that there were minimal traces of cyanide, and that the minimal traces found were proof of delousing –Ed.) reasoned that there is definitive proof that there were no rooms for execution by gas in any of these locations.’

The only building that they speculated could have been used for execution by gas was a building supposed [to have served this purpose], which they only finished building after the end of the war, which means that it was not used. Likewise, no proof was found that proves that the Nazis used poisonous gases, not in the bodies of the victims, and not in the places they said were used for it.

Regarding the number of Jews killed in the war, whether by Germans, or by death on war fronts, by the typhus disease that spread through the camps, or by a natural death, one important document could undermine the number claimed by Zionism. ‘Page 666 in the annual American Jewish book number 5,702, which surveys the period between Sept. 22, 1941, and Sept. 11, 1942, points to [the fact] that the number of Jews in European countries subject to German rule as a result of the large Nazi expansion up to Russia, stood at 3,110,722 in 1941, including the Jews left in Germany. If so, how could 6 million of them be destroyed?’ I think that this question requires no answer as the answer lies within it. This number was necessary to the Zionist project on the one hand, and the victorious countries in World War II on the other hand. ‘It was necessary that the myth of the destruction of the Jews become the major concern of the entire world, as relating to it as the “largest act of genocide in history” served the Western colonialists by causing the crimes they committed to be forgotten, such as the destruction of the Indians in America, and the enslavement of the residents of Africa, and also by hiding the barbaric acts of oppression perpetrated by Stalin.’”