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PA Daily claims Israeli police "murdered" Palestinian man, without mentioning that he was a terrorist who had stabbed the officer

Headline: “The occupation state continues the escalation: A laborer from Hebron was executed in Ashkelon, dozens of wounded in the West Bank”






“The occupation forces and settler herds continued their attacks against our people yesterday, Tuesday [April 12, 2022]. They murdered a young person (sic., refers to terrorist Abdallah Sorour, who stabbed and wounded a police officer who shot him in self-defense) and wounded and arrested others.


The Israeli occupation police shot a Palestinian laborer yesterday morning at a construction site in Ashkelon, which caused his death as a Martyr. According to the claims of the occupation police, a police captain, who was part of a patrol to locate Palestinian laborers working without permits in construction sites in the area where the incident took place, shot the laborer after he refused to present an identity card and work permit (sic., Sorour stabbed the officer while he was performing a security check on him).


Local sources noted that the Martyr [who was trying to earn a] livelihood was Abdallah Tayseer Musa Sorour, 41, from Hebron.


These executions against our people constitute an implementation of orders that Israeli occupation Prime Minister Naftali Bennett gave his army: to act without limitations and without restraint in order to kill and abuse (sic., in order to curb a Palestinian terror wave).”





Abdallah Tayseer Musa Sorour – 41-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded an Israeli police officer in Ashkelon on April 12, 2022. The officer, who had been performing a security check on Sorour, shot and killed Sorour in self-defense.