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Fatah threatens that "the occupation will pay a heavy price for its crimes"

Headline: “Fatah: The occupation will pay the price for its aggression against our people”





The Fatah Movement warned the occupation government not to continue its crimes against the Palestinian people. It emphasized that the occupation will pay a heavy price for its crimes and its denial of the Palestinian people’s rights.


This was said in a statement by the [Fatah] branch secretaries in the northern districts (i.e., the West Bank), during a visit to the home of Fatah Jericho District Secretary Nael Abu Al-Asal, who was arrested by the occupation forces.


In the statement it was emphasized that the significance of the incessant aggression against Jerusalem, Jenin, [Jenin’s] refugee camp, and all the homeland’s districts, will necessarily be a continuation of the Palestinian struggle and an expansion of the cycle of confrontation with the [Zionist] entity and its terror arms – the occupation’s army and its settlers.


In the statement the Palestinian people’s right to defend itself and come out against any aggression against our cities, our villages, and our refugee camps that are standing firm was emphasized.


Fatah called on the masses of the Palestinian people to break the siege that was imposed on the Jenin district and to strengthen the resolve of our people in the district.

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