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PA seeks to "prosecute" US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman for saying that "The City of David is a testament to Judeo-Christian heritage"

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs commits to prosecuting [US] Ambassador Friedman”





“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates committed to prosecuting US Ambassador to the occupation state [Israel] David Friedman, after he recognized the settlement initiative ‘City of David’ (i.e., an archaeological site near the Old City of Jerusalem) in the center of occupied Jerusalem.


The ministry emphasized in a statement yesterday [Jan. 19, 2021] that East Jerusalem, …including the Old City and the town of Silwan (sic., a predominantly Arab neighborhood near the Old City of Jerusalem, built above ruins of ancient Jerusalem), is Palestinian land that has been occupied since 1967, and that it is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine ‘that will remain in spite of Friedman and his outgoing administration.’ …


The ministry emphasized that it ‘will take upon itself the treatment of this matter with jurists and with the relevant bodies, in order to discuss the possibility of settling accounts with settler Friedman before the authorized international courts.’ …


It should be noted that Friedman said in a statement of the US Embassy that  'The City of David is a testament to the Judeo-Christian heritage and the founding principles of America.’”