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PLO says that now Palestinian prisoners can only have bed sheets in a single colour and eat four pita breads instead of five, Israel should expect an uprising

Headline: “Abu Bakr: The imposing of new punishments on the prisoners at the beginning of next month heralds the explosion of the prisons”





“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr said that the intention of the occupation’s [Israeli] Prison Service to impose additional punishments on the prisoners heralds boiling and explosion in the different detention camps.


Abu Bakr noted yesterday [Feb. 17, 2020] that the occupation’s prison service notified the prisoners of its intention to burden them more at the beginning of next month [March 2020] by preventing the existence of representatives for the prisoner minors, the civilian prisoners alone preparing food (i.e., only criminal prisoners will cook for themselves as opposed to terrorist prisoners), removing 140 products from the canteen, reducing the number of TV channels from 10 to seven, reducing the number of pita breads per prisoner from five to four, removing the [electric] cooktops that the prisoners rely on for cooking food, and limiting the sheets and blankets to one color.


The commission director emphasized that these limitations and steps are consistent with the recommendations of [Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad] Erdan’s committee.”