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Fatah holds event in girls' school to "reject" Arab states normalizing relations with Israel

Headline: “The [Fatah] Shabiba [Student Movement] of Qalqilya organized activities against normalization in Azzun Atma”



“The [Fatah] Shabiba Student Movement organized activities against normalization at the Al-A’amiriya High School for Girls in [the] Qalqilya [district], in Azzun Atma, as part of the Shabiba Student [Movement’s] educational program for school students, and in the framework of the medical protocol regulations. Shabiba Student [Movement] coordinator of activities at the schools for girls Hanaa Al-Haj Hassan, Shabiba Student [Movement] coordinator at the schools for boys Adham Taha, and school principal Suhair Shalabi participated in the activity…

In her speech, Hanaa Al-Haj Hassan emphasized the position of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people that rejects normalization with the Israeli occupation. She explained that normalization is a betrayal of the Palestinian cause, the blood of the tens of thousands of Martyrs, and the sacrifices of the hundreds of thousands of heroic prisoners…

The female students of the school’s radio station and the Shabiba committees participated in a number of activities against normalization, including a performance and songs re-emphasizing the loyalty to the Palestinian leadership and [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas.”



The article includes a picture from the event, in which young school girls are seen carrying Palestinian flags and yellow Fatah flags featuring the Fatah logo that includes a grenade, crossed rifles, and the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas.”